Nothing conveys the incredible impact a donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust can have more than the adorable students in the Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestras’ String Academy sharing their pride and delight. Because people like you took the time to donate to the Cultural Trust, for which the state of Oregon will reimburse you at tax time, the orchestra is a bright spot in the lives of 145 children who might not otherwise have access. And that truly is something you can’t put a price on. Want more? Our YouTube channel has the full length video.


The Santiam Pass Ski Lodge is so special, the success of preserving it so incredible, that no words can sufficiently describe the triumph. Work is now moving forward on its restoration thanks to a FY2020 Cultural Trust grant award.


Prepare to be moved. Prepare to be grateful. Prepare to be thankful that someone out there was crazy enough to take on the project. And then, do your small part to steward our cultural heritage with a donation to our Cultural Trust. No hammer required. Watch the full length video.


Did you know Live Wire Radio is heard by more than 350,000 people across the country each week?

One of our proudest Oregon exports, this “live”ly audio variety show is about to grow even more, with help from a FY2020 Cultural Trust grant award. Their exciting quest for a full-time, experienced Executive Director will allow the Portland-based show to optimize growth and continue to provide a platform for underrepresented voices in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the video excerpt below, then watch the full video here.


We wish we could share videos of all the wonderful projects your Cultural Trust donations support. Hoping these impact stories will inspire your 2019 donation today!