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Share links of the product you want to promote on Earn money when someone buys a product using your referral link.

Create Referral Links

After being accepted as a referral, generate a referral link of the products you want to share.

Share Referral Links

Share the ref link to your friends, audience, blog, social media, youtube.

Earn Money

Earn a percentage of the order everytime your referral purchase an order.

How much can you earn?


For every customer that purchase through your referral link, you will earn 3% of its price.

Why MooGold Referral Program?

No Minimum Payout

You get to withdraw any amount that you like, either to Bank Account or MooGold Credit, your choice!

Easy to Use

Register an affiliate account, generate a ref link and share with your friends or audience and earn money! It is just that simple!

Track your referral

MooGold provide a dashboard for you to track every referrals and their purchase! Yes, every single referral!
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